What is the softest nonsynthetic yarn you ever knitted with?

I want some recommandations. Thanks in advance.

Malabrigo :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: hands down.

Yea, what Julie said!
:inlove: :inlove:

me three!

Is it true though that softness is directly proportional to pilliness later on, as in the softer the yarn, more it pills? Pilliferation? :thinking:

ya know i had a pair of booties that were floating around at the bottom of my bag for more than six months waiting to be sewn together. they were done with the malabrigo and i never noticed any pilling on them.

i generally wouldn’t vouch for the safety of just about anything that spends time in a bag of mine cuz i throw everything in there (sodas, lunches, scissors, pretty much anything) and they came through with flying colors. that doesn’t mean they WOULDN"T pill of course but they didn’t through that abuse.

i also wouldn’t consider WOTA to be soft at all and Amy’s sweater got very pilly after being worn pretty briefly. :crying:

sooooooooo…i don’t have an answer but there is what i know to be true :smiley:

yeah the booties STILL aren’t sewn together…but they aren’t in the bag anymore either… :rofling:

I think that out-of-control ‘pillerfication’ is caused by yarn that’s spun using shorter fibers–which makes it a lesser-quality yarn, which is probably why WOTA is so inexpensive. It’s probably best used for felting. All wool will pill to some degree, especially early on. I believe it’s the nature of the beast. Softer yarn is probably more prone to pilling where there is a lot of friction–almost like felting–under the arms or on the fore arms. Those can be shaved off.

The Galenas Merino we carry in our store is quite possibly the softest I’ve ever felt, and I knit with Malabrigo quite a bit before discovering it.

Merino wool is a short staple wool. It is naturally more pilly than, say, Shetland wool. But it is also considerably softer.

Lesser quality wools like WOTA are essentially spun with the dregs of the wool – wool that wouldn’t be a high enough quality to be in a more premium brand.

So, generally, ultra soft yarns are more pilly than more hardy breeds. But rougher yarns (like Cascade 220, WOTA) do not necessarily mean longer wearing.

I got some Irish Baby
its SO amzingly Soft


Oh, I’m glad you like it! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Well, I’m also a spinner, and I’ve felt lots of different fibers. Merino wool is VERY soft, so any yarn that has merino in it will tend to be soft.

Other than wool, alpaca is super soft, and of course angora. Qiviut is supposed to be too, but I’ve never been fortunate enough to touch any.

I’ve spun some blue and red merino, and they turned out heavenly.

I love the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk, but it’s not wool. I would call it butter. :smiley:

:lol: buttah. . . .

I love merino, as well, and for non-wool alpaaaaaca is graaaaand.

I’m loving malabrigo right now–it’s like knitting with a silky cloud!! I’ll have to try that Galenas Merino, though. If it’s softer than malabrigo, I think I’ll melt.

Qiviut. :inlove: I really want to touch some, though I’m not sure I can afford even that. Has anyone here fondled any?

pillerfication :rofling:

Thanks everyone!

silky cloud is what I want to feel ! Do try that Galenas Merino and let me know how it feels.

I am currently working on a Debbi Bliss cashmerino and it’s soft and washable. I want to know what else top that.

No question, it was my own handspun English Angora.
I have German angoras too. I spin for luxurious softness, so it was soft, even for English. Plus the doe in question had the silkiest coat I’ve ever felt on an angora, even a Satin.

ya know when i saw your screen name it reminded me of some bunny fur i bought to knit with and you are right…it was way softer than the malabrigo even!

Such an unfair thread!! :shock: :shock:

Everytime I hear ya’ll talking about a new and softer yarn, I want to order some right then! You --you–YARN ENABLERS!!!

:twisted: :twisted:

Malabrigo - ah yumminess!

Why is cashmere so expensive but not being mentioned here?

The thread title said “wool yarn” so I assumed you meant yarn that was 100% wool.

If that’s not what you meant…then I’d change my answer to Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk…now that’s some soooooft yarn. It’s amazing! :inlove: