What Is The Right Side?

[b]What does a pattern mean when it says right side, as in:

Rows 1-10: knit across
Row 11 (right side) k14, p3, etc.

The way I’m reading it is you turn your work so you would be knitting in the same direction on row 1 as you are on row 11, meaning the direction you started in? The pattern is worked till it’s 59" and nowhere else does it say RS.

Can someone set me straight?


All your color tags are confusing. :teehee:

Anyway, the right side is the “public or front side” or the side that you want to see when it’s done. Wrong side is the inside or backside of the project.

Row 11 would be the same side as row 1 was.

[b]I fixed my color tags … it wasn’t supposed to look like that!!

That’s what I thought, thanks Jan.


You’re welcome!