What is the repeat of this pattern please?

Hello everyone, I am new on this site and was wondering if someone could help me with this pattern. It was one of my grandmothers and I would like to increase the size of the afghan as it is very small. I cannot figure out the pattern repeat. I tried it but the diamonds did not come out correctly the way I did it. Could someone please help me with this please. I would really appreciate any help or advice. Thank you.
Cast on 119 sts

Row 1: K4 for garter st border, place marker, k7 * p1, k7, repeat from * to last 4 sts, place marker, k4
Row 2 & all even rows: K to marker, sl marker, then k thekn sts and p the p sts as they face you across to
marker, sl marker, k4.

Row 3: K4, sl marker, * p1, k5, p1,k1, repeat from * to 7 stas before marker, p1, k5, p1, sl marker, k4.

Row 5: K4, marker, k1, p1,*k3, p1, repeat form * to last st before marker, k1, marker, k4

Row 7: K4, marker, k2, p1, k1, p1, *k5, p1, k1, p1, repeat from *to 2 sts before marker, k2, marker, k4.

Row 9: K4, marker, k3, *p1, k7, repeat from * across to 4 sts before marker, p1, k3, marker, k4.

Row 11: Repeat row 7
Row 13: Repeat row 5
Row 15: Repeat row 3
Row 16: Repeat row 2
Repeat these 16 rows for pattern.

You can pretty much increase in multiples of 8. The pattern uses multiples of 8 + 15. Row 5 is slightly different in that there’s not an even number of repeats but if you give us an idea of the number of sts that you’d like to cast on, i can check and make sure that will work for all rows.
That’s a nice idea to use your grandmother’s pattern.

Yes, my grandma used to have a whole bunch of old magazines, they were called Workbasket and some of them went back to 1956, this is one of the patterns out of them and I have a Christmas tree skirt that she made me too that I still use that came from those books. Thank you, I love some of the old patterns. So many of the good old knitting books that are out of print that you cannot buy now. I would like a couple different sizes if possible. This one calls for 119 stitches. So maybe like around 140 or 150 and then 170 or 180? I would like to try a couple different sizes as this one is really small and almost a lap rope kind of I think maybe because the diamond pattern pulls it in a bit?
Whatever sizes you are able to do I would be grateful for. Thank you so much. I appreciate your time and trouble. Have a good day. and thanks again. Debbie

Yes, some of those old patterns are gems.
This’ll work with multiples of 8+15 or 143, 151, 159, 167, 175, 183.

Thank you so much, I will try this, I appreciate your help

Hi salmonmac,

Does the +15 include the 4 on each side for the edge or would I
add another 8 for that? Thank you.

The 15 includes the 4edge sts on each side. You don’t need to add on extra for the border.