What is the reason behind everyone's username?

Hi! I was just curious about why everyone’s user name is called what it was called. I called myself knittingymnast because I’m a gymnast and I knit. Ha. :roflhard: Just wondering because I see usernames all the time that don’t make [B]ANY[/B] sense to me. LOL

Well, CarolinaGirl is probably a give away! I am from South Carolina! I love the Carolina’s -the beaches, mountains and lakes!


My daughter’s names are Abigail and Emily… so I just combined them. :slight_smile:

Well, when I joined I had one grandson named Thomas (the redhead in the avatar.) His other grandma is called Nana, which was my choice too, so to keep from confusion, I had to do something different. My given name is Modonna (pronounced the same as Madonna,) I go by Donna (you can see why!) so I combined Nana and Donna and the grandsons call me Nonny. So, at the time I was Nonny to T (Thomas) I guess I should be nonny2tnj now, which would be Nonny to T (Thomas) and J (Jackson) !:wink:

Oh and btw, cool question. I always wonder how people pick their usernames

I’m a guy and ummmmm I knit.

Eccie is short for Eccentric Scorpion which is my name alot of other places

Mine’s easy- because I am just me.

Great question!

scout is the main character in to kill a mockingbird. one of my favorite books. scout is one of my favorite characters out of all the books i have read. 52 is just a random number to assure that no one else had the same screen name. I use this in other boards as well.

I’m a huge fan of the book “To kill a mockingbird” too, scout. Excellent choice! :thumbsup:

My user name is boring. :teehee: Iza is just a nickname. My first name is Isabelle.

The reason my username is KniftyKnitterGal, is because when I first started knitting I used knifty knitters, I still use them, but I also know how to knit and crochet. And of course the “gal” part is there because I am a girl.

~Jak :waving:

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I love moose.

Mine came about when I had my Halloween website, www.everydayshalloween.com. I wanted a Halloween-ish name, but, nothing overly used so I asked hubby to help me think up a name. He suggested the name Demonica (there’s a band he used to listen to, The Dwarves, who had a song titled “Demonica”) and I loved the name; I thought it was perfect for a “webmistress” of a Halloween site! I used Demonica as my SN on all the Halloween related forums and such I joined to help get my name and site out there…Well, the name just stuck…I had other SN’s on other forums, but, I kept forgetting them so I decided I’d just stick with Demonica for everything.

DianaM = My name and maiden name. I will have to change it to DianaQ one of these days hehe.

Isn’t that illegal? :shock:

Jan in CA pretty much says it all. My name is Jan and I live in California. :teehee:

I used to use Purrcat everywhere and it is still part of my email address. The reason behind that is fairly simple. I went to TX 10 yrs ago to help out my SIL during the birth of their second son. I couldn’t use my original email that was tied to my ISP account so I wanted to create a Yahoo one. I love cats so that was my starting point… I tried every name in the book I think. I started just putting words in and Purrcat only had one other user so I was able to throw some numbers in and voila. Since it was kind of cute it stuck.

Good topic. I always wonder how some of these come about. Some are obvious (like yours), but some not so much. :wink: :teehee:

Mine is simple my last name Winge and my first initial M for Maureen.

I should just change my name to Hildie since that’s what everyone–including my mom!-- calls me.

Hildegard von Bingen was my inspiration: von knittin was my attempt at wit and humor :thumbsup:

My name is Natalia, so i’m KnittingNat :slight_smile:

I have used dustinac for a long time…before I was married…it’s my first name Dustina…and then c is for my last name…:teehee:

Well Christina is always taken so since I can’t seem to say no to a rabbit in need of a home…