What is the purpose of ____?

Have you ever wondered what the purpose was for a particular stitch, technique, or pattern?

I would like to open this as a thread for discussion, humor, fails, success, or just wild stories about random knitting things.

One topic at a time. Take your time (4 to 7 days maybe) per topic. Be flexible. Be kind. Ask questions or tell stories.

The first writing prompt will be Brioche:

Why knit with two yarns and alternating between them in this way? Or what do you use it for?


This is a great idea for a thread. Thanks, Jack.

I’ve used brioche for sweaters. They’re soft and cushy although you have to watch out for too much stretch. The Birthday sweater by Ankestrick:
Two color brioche is nice on hats and I’ve used it as part of a sweater (Vitamin B sweater).


Never done brioche but this is a great idea for a thread to learn from other’s experiences.

Brioche. I’ve made the bread! Though I have knitted with two fine strands of yarn with really good results. I did some research on Brioche I’ve added it to my project list


Capture _2017-09-01-11-55-021
One of my many brioche projects. Confiscated by my 21 yr. old niece who is very finicky. Ive made lots of hats, scarves even sock tops in brioche. But not a sweater yet. Ive found it eats yarn. 3 lbs for a Nancy Marchant sweater I have my eye on. BTW, no selvedge at all on this scarf.

Update: a one color brioche teapot cozy.
brioche tea cozy


Mmm-mmm, no wonder that scarf was appropriated. It’ll be warm and cozy. Lovely brioche.

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