What is the pattern asking?

I am making mittens, which can be found here:

I am in the gusset increase section. At one part, it says:
Put the sts between markers on the scrap yarn

What does that mean?
Also, at the very end of it, it says:
Continue the MC-CC pattern until you reach the top of your little finger
Does this mean repeat all of this:

CC: P12, W&t
Loops rnd W&t
MC: K24, W&t
P24, W&t,
CC: P12, W&t
Loops rnd
Put the sts between markers on the scrap yarn
MC: k1, CO 2 sts, k11, W&t
P11, P2 tbl, P1, W&t

Or does it mean only part of it?

Thank you!

If you’ve been working the gusset, there should have been markers you placed in there to show you where to put the increases, correct? So the next time around, instead of working those stitches, you would thread a scrap piece of yarn into them (just like your cable needle is running through them) to hold them off to the side. You’ll come back later, put them back on needles, then knit the thumb. (You can see this down in the picture in the thumb section how these stitches are off on their own.)

Continue in the MC-CC pattern [I]should[/I] mean to go back to the Body section and follow the directions you were working before you started the increase rounds for the gusset. (The ones you have listed would have stitch counts that include the stitches you just made for the thumb.) Only [I]without[/I] the PM parts of the MC round.