What is the OPPOSITE of P2tog-b?

I have a pattern that was of course written for turning rows. As I want to knit something in the round- I’m having to turn all the purl directions around. Since this is a semi-lacy pattern, and I know this particular stitch leans just a bit- I want to preserve the lean, but convert it to a knit stitch.

So does anyone know what the opposite of P2tog-b is? Thanks.

I would say it’s: k2togtbl (knit two together through back loops) but if it needs to lean the other way…skp or sl1k1psso(slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over)

Probaby a ssk - that would lean the correct way on the knit side.

I think that’s it! Thanks!

Yep, I always forget that one!