What is the most useful item

You can knit for a baby? I’m expecting my first in June (a boy) and am dying to knit something (many things) for him, but I don’t know what. I feel like he’ll get plenty of blankets and clothing as gifts. I’m also worried I’ll put a lot of effort into knitting a cute outfit for him that he won’t fit into. And then, once I figure out what to knit, what’s a good fiber to use? I like the practicality of cotton, but it kills my hands when I knit with it.

Can anyone help a lost pregnant woman? :slight_smile:

How about small cotton wash cloths? I know you said it kills your hands, but maybe a few knitted in garter stitch from corner to corner?
How about a knitted toy–with sewn/embroidered eyes and dressed in a tiny baby’s t-shirt (that you have kept close to you to capture your “scent” to calm the baby) Just jumping far ahead.:teehee:

If cotton is a problem, this might not be a very good idea, but what about one of the baby towels with a little cap on the end. They’re very cute. The best thing I ever made for my son was his ‘blankie’. He carried that thing everywhere for four years. It was washed twice a week, more if it needed it, but was made of acrylic.

Congratulations on your pregnancy, If you think long term I don’t think you can have enough blankets. they always end up on the floor. throw off at the school when waiting to pick up other kids usually in something wet/muddy/leafy. always some in the wash not to mention the amount you use just for their bedding.

I have a book by Debbie Abrahams 100 more squares to knit. which I love, she uses cotton. the squares work out to be between 6-7 inches, so is not heavy and you can easy knit one in an hour or so. you can of course use any yarn that speaks to you. I would recommend anything that is hard wearing and can be washed and washed and then washed some more. I could not live without my tumble drier. after learning from the first two kids my third have a lot less clothes because I found I always had to many and by the time I got around to try something out on him/her they would have grown out of it.
Another thing that springs to mind is a knitted soft toy there are so many cute patterns whether you like bears or hippo’s. My daughter is 13 soon and her favorite thing is a little bear somebody gave her when she was eight weeks old. I can’t tell you how many times I had to stitch up tears on that thing (made of fabric).

My sis loves the bibs I made for my niece (adapted the pattern from the Mason-Dixon knitting book). She said that she’ll never have enough of them, and her friends are always asking where they can get them.

Bibs. babies need lots of bibs. Messy little critters.

Bibs are really a good thing to knit. It doesn’t take long to make them. Oh Mason you gave me a good laugh :roflhard: babies are cute little critters.

Thanks for the ideas. I had a baby blanket pattern in mind and might try to get it written down so I can get started.

I think bibs are a great idea too…one that covers the shoulders and has a pocket to catch what is dropped…brilliant. Maybe one that covers everything from shoulders to the floor…:wink:

Or a smaller blanket for car rides/stroller trips. Not to cover the baby so much as a snuggler for when baby is a little older.

You know what? Knit whatever you want, with whatever you want. Blankets are great; toys are great. Whatever makes you feel good. I’m going to guess you won’t have a lot of time for yourself after the baby comes, so make something for YOU! As for the baby, bibs are a great idea. My son lived in bibs til he was about 18 months because he was either urping or drooling! Washcloths are useful too. Congratulations on your impending motherhood. Make yourself #1 now because pretty soon… Well, you know. Best of luck with everything.