What is the most pointless invention ever!

I’m looking for very funny ones here. By the end of the week I’ll choose the best one then I’ll probably close this to new posts. Here are some examples which you may/ may not get:

Monopoly London Edition

Waterproof teabags

Woollen Knitting needles

Ejection seat in a helicopter

Choose which one is the best of mine above in the poll!

O.K. I’ll bite.

My choice of your examples is the waterproof teabag.

My suggestion is:

I can’t wait to hear some others. Good luck!

Good one!

I don’t really get how you could use waterproof teabags. Though the invention might look to some point of view that some tea bags are destroyed when they become moist so they probably would be required to be opened fully and mixed with water. But I reckon that they should be in powder form so that they would not come in harms way.