What is the Most Important Technique/Lesson You have Learned?


Ah, thanks for the reply…we can ramble on like a rose, eh? LOL!! We’re not making a ‘technique video’, right? Oh, yes…

I, too had trouble converting from English flicking to Continental…would work in the TV room and come crashing back to my PC two rooms away to try to figure out this ‘purl’ thing! I’d scream, rant and rave with hubby looking me over as if I had lost my mind…quick lose, he’d say! LOL!!

I’d get my revenge by boring him to tears with my glea over learing a new technique…if I really wanted to get-to-him, I’d scoop up my project and plop on the couch next to him…an start a little chat; LOL!!

I like to hear the chatter about styles, methods…even if I disagree…so, I say ‘how to do this more efficiently, using less movement of the arms, hands and fingers…IMHO and as far as I can tell, Combined Continental my have the fewest movements of all styles…knit a 10’ afghan/blanket and your body will let you know…LOL!!

Gotta confess, though… I can’t P 4 tog using Continental anything and revert right back to English flicking; LOL!!


Reading that reminded me: There’s a guy on youtube (don’t remember his channel name off the top) who does instructional vids and uses a kind of continental with Norwegian purl when he knits fast, but seems to like to switch to a kind of English style when he slows down to do decreases or any other more fiddly sections. “Unorthodox” maybe, but he’s clearly quite fluid at it and there’s nothing wrong with his results.

ETA: ah, yes—“RJ knits” is the guy


** Ya, he purls through the back
probably…takes about four movements as I recall…I was
amazed back in the day to realize one could purl through the
back of a stitch with the yarn in ack…!!**

** After learning the Norwegian purl, I tackles
the very fast/efficient Russian purl through the front if I’m
not doing complicated patterns on the next row…it twists
the stitch…normal right hand work puts the yarn on
CCW…the Russian puts in on CW…thus the twist…work
it off on the next row through the back…**

** I can’t do things fast with my hands due to
age, medications I take causing shakiness, etc…so, I
settle in at 27 knit sts per minute…very little movement
of the body, though and soothing, really…and am still
scratching my head at how Hazel gets 118 knit sts a
minute… Wow!!


Me too!!! Although I learned to crochet left handed… go figure…


The most important thing I learned is… well two things, really… Never give up on yourself and when in doubt, google it!!!

Of course always know that the experts (and I do believe you are…) at Knitting Help always have your back…

Happy knitting!!!