What is the fastest scarf to knit (for men)?

Thinking of maybe making some scarves for Christmas but, like usual, hadn’t thought about it until December so I need to do it quickly-any ideas?

hmm…you could knit a long scarf with big needles (so that it’s real hole-y) and just knit it long enough so that when it’s wrapped around his neck a few times it’ll be warm. Maybe? I’m not big on scarves…

Oh you know what you could do? Knit it with wool-ease thick n quick by lion brand or some other chunky yarn and knit with US 13 needles (or size for gauge) and just knit it garter st or whatever st pattern you like. This yarn knits up REALLY quickly. I just knit a cardiganr in a week!

Any ribbed pattern is good for a guy, IMHO, I did a couple for my husband for Christmas last year. You can do some with chunky yarn on big needles very quickly. You can also go up to 9’s or even 10’s if you are a slightly tight knitter with worsted on textural ribbed scarves, you can find some stitch patterns here and look up scarves @ www.knittingpatterncentral.com …have fun :wink: