What is the equivalent of sport weight yarn

I went to yarndex hoping to get some ideas for the knitpicks 123 shawl that was done in sport but that isn’t one of my choices. Can you tell I have knitted very long? Thanks for the help.

The closest for sportweight is dk weight, though sport may be a bit thinner.

Andean Treaure, my foot. That’s just a plain old Feather and Fan Shawl. It is a lovely pattern and basically you can use any yarn you want for it.

Just do a swatch to figure out gauge. It’s an 18 stitch repeat so figure out how wide each repeat is in the yarn you want and then figure out how wide you want the shawl to be and figure how many repeats you need to make it the width you want. Their pattern calls for putting 2 stitches at the beginning and the end of each row but in my experience you don’t really need them.

Whatever yarn you pick choose a needle that is 2 sizes larger than what you would normally use according to the yarn label. Unless you want a tight knit shawl in which case you can use a smaller needle.

I believe the equivalent is 3-ply?

I believe “baby” yarn is also close to sportweight. You could also just look for a yarn that’s about 6 stitches per inch according to the ballband.