What is the difference

between the two circular needle method and one circular needle method of small diameter circular knitting? (Wow :shock: what sentence, I hope there are no English teachers out there) I tried to ask this in a previous post but I guess I did not word my question clearly. Thanks to all who answered.

Lindsey, have you watched the videos for each of these? This page has videos for all three methods of small-diameter circular knitting…double pointed needles, two circs, and one circ (magic loop).

I started to write an explanation but gave up, lol…if you can watch the videos, it will make a lot more sense than listening to me! :rollseyes:

but is one method better than the other???

Weeelllll, that’s a matter of personal preference I think. Technically they all accomplish the same thing. I went with what looked the least cumbersone to me after looking at all three. :smiley: