What is the best way to add rows to the bottom of cardigan rib please?

After many years of not knitting, I recently decided to knit myself an Aran cardigan. All has been well until I started sewing it up today when I discovered that my left front rib is 4 rows less than the back and right front. Obviously I don’t want to rip the whole front & start again so is there any way I can knit extra rows onto the cast on row that won’t be too noticeable? Thanks for any suggestions

You could cut the rib and separate the rows, add what you need, and graft it together. I’ll see if I can find a video. I can’t say this is the best way to do it but I’m sure it could be done so it won’t show.

ETA Cut Your Knitting … Sweater Rescue

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Nice video!
The best place to cut your knitting may be at the ribbing/body stitch pattern join. Then you can knit new ribbing down from the join. That’s easier than trying to knit from within the ribbing, accounting for a missing half stitch.


Thank you, I’ll try the cutting technique on the video and keep my fingers crossed I can graft them together neatly

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