What is suitable for dishcloths / face cloths?

Any suggestions?

(pls keep in mind I’m in AUS and can’t get a lot of the brands that are in the US)…


Cotton. Worsted or DK weight cotton. NOT mercerized. In the US, we get Lilly’s Sugar and Cream, or Lion Cotton.

Hi Tia,

One word: COTTON! 100%!

The brand I use is called Sugar N Cream by Lily. Lionbrand yarn also has one that’s 100% cotton. Sometimes I’ve seen yarn marked ‘Kitchen cotton’, which sounds like it would be good. These types of yarn often get softer when they’re washed, which would be good for face clothes.

Just make sure you can throw it in the washer and dryer. :thumbsup:



Bernat also makes a Handcrafter Cotton which is similar to the Sugar and Cream.

Thanks girls!!!

I got some “Heirloom” brand (AUS brand) 100% cotton in a 4 ply.

I’ve drafted a ‘pattern’ of a steaming coffee cup for the middle of a washcloth. I hope the pattern comes up okay … it’s supposed to be a knit/purl reversable… I guess we’ll see how it stitches up :smiley:

You might like to check out THIS SITE which has a MILLION GAZILLION dishcloth patterns!

sounds cute misstialouise! I still haven’t tried graphing any designs, but that site Kelly mentioned really does have a ton (eleventy goolgle plex) of them.

HERE’S a teacup cloth…you could use that for the shape of your coffee cup & then you’d just have to wing the steam…