What is Stitch'n'B*tch?

You would think. Maybe they are put off with the B**ch word. This is Idaho after all. I haven’t heard any cussing since we moved here. I’m sure they do, but it isn’t like in Ca where every other word is a curse word. Actually yesterday and today its in the 60’s. We sort of missed winter this year I’m told. (It was my first here.) We only really had 2 storms. It’s so dry here that you don’t really feel the cold. Here I can run around in a sweatshirt in the 30 degrees. In California it was COLD at 45. We have had crystal clear skies for a month.

Well, aside from the fact that we have very mild winters here in northeast Texas, it is also the bible belt. I’d be shocked if I found a knitting group titled as such. :shock: They’d have to drop off the “B” and call it Stitch’N’Itch, for it to pass the muster around here. I guess we could all gather and knit and scratch. :mrgreen: .


There are actually a couple of SnBs groups in Houston, despite the warm weather. One of the local news stations had a segment about the group but didn’t mention the name of it–called it knit and chat or something. :rollseyes: They showed the SnB book too and blurred out the title! I thought that was kinda silly–they’d just done a half an hour of news about people getting murdered and sex scandals and yet they blur out part of a knitting book?! Maybe it’s just me. :wink:

Mer, My kids loved your post about the news show.

Hey feministmama! You’re in Portland too? Perhaps I’ll run into you at Mabel’s sometime!