What is Stitch'n'B*tch?

I’m a new knitter, so excuse my ignorance, please. :wink:

I’ve read different ones mentioning Stitch’n’B*tch, or S’n’B, which I assume is the same thing. What is this, and do I need it as a new knitter? :??

well, it is a few different things. The one that most of us are talking about is a great book by Debbie Stoller. 2nd row down here:


There are also stitch n’ bitch groups that have been around for ages and they are just that… women and men that gather to knit and well bitch :happydance:

Ohhh, lol. :lol: I’m not interested in the b*tching part, but the book sounds interesting. Thanks for your response. Now I don’t feel so out of the loop…well, except for the fact that I STILL CAN’T KNIT. :doh: I am working on it, though. I will not give up! xxx

Welcome Rennagayle!

Don’t be afraid of the SNB groups because the the “Bitching” part. The term is not used in a negative way, but a lighthearted way. People get together and knit and talk (and occasionally bitch). No different than any other knitting group, except it may be a younger crowd if they call themselves a SNB group. At least, that’s my understanding! Can others confirm this?

I hope I didn’t come off as a “holier than thou” type. It wasn’t the btching that put me off. I’ve been known to btch, just not known AS a b*tch (at least not that I know of! :shock: ). I just know that there are no knitting groups of any kind in my little town. Believe me, I’ve been asking around. Of course it could have something to do with the fact that I live in Texas, we have very little winter, so there’s not a tremendous need for scarves, sweaters, and mittens. :frowning: Actually, I’d love nothing better than to find a group of knitters to associate with and glean knowledge and experience from.

You know, I’ve done alot of crafting my my years of life, but this is the first craft I’ve ever taken up which is so totally addicting. xxx Seriously, I find it difficult to get anything else done, 'cause I’m constantly sitting down “just for a minute” to my knitting. How on earth do you ladies keep your houses clean? :blush:

Don’t worry, you didn’t come off that way, not at all! I was just was warning you, because when I first heard the term, I thought it would be just a complaining-oriented group of knitters, which didn’t appeal to me! :lol:

Here’s a list of SNB groups, there are only 5 listed in TX, but maybe you’ll get lucky and one will be near you. If not, you could start one! Debbie Stoller talks about how to start a group, in her SNB book. It’s easier than you’d think. People usually meet in a cafe or other public place, so no one has to be a host, and you can start a yahoo group, for communicating and advertising your group: be sure to get it listed on that site.

Knitting isn’t my big time-hog these days…it’s this forum! LOL. I spend hours here every day, even though I know I don’t have to, I’m addicted. :smiley:


Knitting isn’t my big time-hog these days…it’s this forum! LOL. I spend hours here every day, even though I know I don’t have to, I’m addicted

Amy, it really shows! I co-own/moderate a christian homeschooling website. I’ve looked around at other message boards over the years in an effort to “round out” my cyber time, but always seemed to quickly discover strife, discord, and b*tching. This place has a cohesiveness about it that I find very appealing. Everyone seems so eager to reach out and help each other with their knitting dilemma’s, as well as injecting humor. I now come here first thing each morning to see what’s new, and what I can learn. :smiley:

That is so true. It is one of the reasons I love this site. I can read the forums with my kids looking over my shoulder (most of the time :smiley: ). My daughter learned to knit last night (she’s 12) and this is one of the few places I feel comfortable with her coming for help.

My younger daughter saw the snb book I had gotten from the library last night and asked why that word was on it. She said “Do we have duck tape?” I told her “What for?” “To cover that word” she said.

She said “Do we have duck tape?” I told her “What for?” “To cover that word” she said.

LOL! I thought she was going to say, “to put over your mouth”. What a cute sounding kid! :lol:

I know whatcha mean, Shawna…

I once belonged to an online infertility board & even though KH doesnt (thank goodness) deal with such emotional subject matter, I find the same sense of :heart: & community here. SO cool!

We need a HUG icon for Amy…

Believe me if I had said the word she would have. The child has no qualms about telling it like it is.

LOL! More icons for Amy to come up with. :doh:

Amy, thanks for that list of state locations of SNB’s. There isn’t one less than two hours from me here in Texas. :crying:

However, my dh and I are seriously considering a move northwards. We’re going to visit Duluth, MN, this summer. We’re cold weather people, stuck in hot weather climate. With him semi-retired, we’ve decided to take the plunge (literally, plunged into a frigid climate). Should we decide to make our move there, they do have an SNB listed! :cheering:

I went there once. I used to live in Thunder Bay, ON. One day hubby and I decided to do a road trip (plus I had shopping to do that could only be done in the States), so off we went. It turned out to be quite the adventure.

We saw a ton of deer on the way there. It was late winter when we went and we had a puddle that, literally, almost ate up our car. The friend who gave us directions wasn’t very good at it, so we got lost. We had just been given our car from hubby’s parents and when we opened the dash compartment, we found a bag of bullets (like bullets to kill moose and bears) :shock: Of course, we found them after we crossed the border…

It was a fun trip though. I found what I was looking for, hubby wants to go back to a Cinnabuns type place where he had the most delicious cinnamon bun and we made it back just fine.

Looked like a beautiful place though. A lot of hills, which we weren’t sure our car would manage with the ice that was on the roads at the time.

I have a good friend who lives in Duluth. Her kids are big into hockey there (no surprise), and they travel up to Thunder Bay once a year or so for equipment, I believe. She said they love that drive up to Thunder Bay and back, that it’s incredibly breathtaking.

too bad you live in northeast texas :frowning: I live down south. Welcome tho!

Yes, I’m in the northeast corner of the state, but thank you for the welcome. :smiley:

S+B is HUGE here in Portland Oregon. We have hundreds of memebers on line and several groups that meet at yarn stores all over town (we have 5 major ones I can think of and more in outlining areas. Move to Portland!) Some S+B are feminist in orientation adn really political. They are in honor of upper class (mostly white) women who would gather to do handwork (knitting, quilting, needlework, etc) but really they were gathering to plot revolution. The stichery wwas just there cover in an age where women haad no voice political or otherwise.

Other S+B groups just gather to talk about knitting and gab or “bitch” about stuff (thier lives, mates, children or politics). THis site could be considered a S+B site since we not only talk about knitting but about “nipplage” :lol:

Rennagayle-You could move here. :smiley: Northern Idaho. We could start our own snb. When I looked at the book there wasn’t even one in all of Idaho (Boo hoo! I’m all by myself).

I’ve always imagined Idaho, northern especially, to be quite cold. You’d think there’d be scads of knitting groups there, doing there part to keep friends and fam warm. :XX: :smiley: