What is slip 2 sts, pass 2 slipped over?

I picked up 68 sts. along the top of a child’s poncho, and have a marker at both the V on the front and back. Directions say, "*K to one st before marked st, slip 2 sts. tog as if to knit pass the 2 slipped sts over, rep from * once more, k to end of row. Row 2 purl, rep two rows 3 times bond off. Does this mean slip 2 sts, and pass one over like SKP? I understand it is a decrease and I understand how to slip 2 sts as if to knit, but I don’t know what to “pass” the slipped sts. over. I hope this makes sense. The pattern is CHILD PONCHO KK318 from Karabella Yarns. If anyone has a easy poncho for a 3 year old, let me know.

You, or the pattern, forgot the knit st in there. It should read “slip 2 tog, [B]k1[/B], pass the slipped sts over”. Yes, it’s like a SKP, but decs 3 sts to one.