What is ravelry?

I was thinking about joining Ravelry, but have no idea what it is. I’ve heard of it on here some and was wondering if ya’ll could help.

Ravelry is a knitting community–much larger and more elaborate than our cozy Knitting Help. It’s a great place to find patterns, see what people have done with different patterns, find yarns you may be looking for, etc.

My problem with it (and it’s not a problem, really, just me) is that there are sooooo many different groups and forums that it’s hard to keep track.

I do go there for ideas and patterns, though. By all means, join. It doesn’t cost anything and it gives you access to lots of pictures and projects.

Ohhhh… join it for finding patterns and looking up yarns for sure! They do have lots of groups…or forums, but I much prefer Knitting Help for it’s warmer closer knit group. I use Ravelry for pattern and yarn search almost exclusively now.

Thanks! I guess I may as well join.

Oh definitely.

It’s a great place to hunt down patterns. It’s nice to see patterns based on yarn weight, style etc. I love being able to see how other people knit the same pattern and reading their notes on the pattern.

I never utilize the forums there, I keep KH for that… though I haven’t been as active lately as I’d like.

I’ve never used their forums (or even posted my own projects that I’m working on), but I use them to look for patterns. I’ve found some pretty cool stuff there and a lot of it is free.

I love the notebook feature they have where you can input all the needle sizes you have so you can keep track if there is a needle size you don’t have and need to purchase or if you have to many of one size that you can get rid of.

I also love that you can put all of your stash yarn in the notebook, so that you can stay organized and remember what you have, and how much you have (especially since I do not have it all stored together, I am still trying to find a place for all the knitting stuff, as oposed to the cross-stitch, mosaic, stained glass, needlepoint, crewel, etc.)

Although I belong to a few groups, I rarely post. I just look at patterns, projects and yarns. It is a fabulous resource when you are searching for a new project or checking out other people’s FOs of your project.
Knitting Help is a lovely community - Ravelry is way too big to be a community IMHO.

I like beingon Ravelry because it gives me a place to post pics of my knitting and to record the details of all my projects.

The nice thing about Ravelry is it can be whatever you want it to be. Some use it for the forums. There must be a forum on every subject possible and if there isn’t you can start one. Some use it for the organization. You can keep a list(database) of your finished projects, books, magazines, needles, yarn… Some use it for the library function of looking up patterns and different yarn. Some use it for the store function of purchasing patterns or getting free ones.
I love being able to pull up a list of all the patterns I have in books and magazines I own.

I love the patterns! You can view tons of patterns and also view what they really look like when people knit them. Most people post notes and if you have a problem with a pattern, likely someone else has had the same problems and has posted what they have done to correct it.

It is also is a great way to post your own projects, stash, etc. You can make patterns “favs.” That way, if you fancy a pattern but don’t want to purchase it immediately, you can still keep track of it.

They also post most project in a magazine issue so you can check those out prior to buying them.

There are groups and some are more active than others. I found a group on line that meets every week in Basel, Switzerland where I will be going in short order. But most of the groups are not as active as that one. I post here much more often.

Oh, and did anyone mention that it is FREE? How can you go wrong?

They have a big warning posted now which says that they have been hacked and we must change our password. I don’t remember what my password was, so how do I do this?

That was over a month ago, but you can email them and let them know you don’t remember it.

I love Ravelry for searching patterns, yarns, and for housing my projects. I also love when I find a pattern I really like, I can view others users that have already completed the project and give hints, alternatives, error corrections, etc. I find the forums/groups overwhelming. I prefer KH where it’s more like family.