What is pick up and knit?

I am ALMOST done with my shrug http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/50718.html
It says with size 15 long circluar needles, pick up and k 100 sts around the entire circumfrence starting at center bottom of back (circle includes bottom of back, BC of both fronts, and stitches on stitch holder from each sleeve, and top of back.

That doesn’t make sense to me…can someone help?


It just means to pick up stitches along the edge.

Sooooooo I just lol, knit along the side of the edge? LOL, I guess it was too simple and I wanted to make it complicated…sorry for such a silly question. :oops:

That’s right. Just pick up the stitches, turn, and work across.

Thanks so much. Hopefully I can post pics of this tomorrow. You guys have helped me SOOO Much! It’s greatly appreciated!