What is needed

Ok, who wants a project. What is needed on the market is a cd with knitting instructions and an assortment of basic patterns, like a sock, mitten, hat, sweater, poncho, scarf, ect. Just one basic pattern for each with directions on how to change the size if needed in certain parts (like the hips or boobs) so that someone with no one to show them how can make at least a basic garment they can be proud of. I tried to get this for my friend this weekend for Christmas and cannot find even 1 knitting cd except Amy’s. Amy, is there a way that you can get it into, like, Best Buy? My friend isn’t so internet literate so she wouldn’t go online to order it and is living in a town where she knows no one to teach her, but she is computer literate and would enjoy it. I couldn’t believe with all the knitting books out there there wasn’t even 1 cd. You could market it to the people who need large print also since you could change the font size on the computer to as large as you need to (a problem I am starting to find :lol: )

I’ve seen this one at Joanns and it’s on sale online. One of the threads here has the promotional codes. I don’t know if you can use both or not.


Thank you very much. I hope the instructions are as good as Amy’s.

I don’t know of any CD’s, but I do have a DVD called “The Art of Knitting” that is pretty good. I bought it before I ever knitted anything and I did learn the basic knit and purl from it. But then I found this website. I got it at Hancock Fabrics, but I have seen it at Borders bookstore since then.