What is "LS?" How to "LS?"


I’m starting decreases in a baby hat pattern, and there is one stitch that’s throwing me off - “LS.” Does this stand for “Left Slip?” And if so, I’m trying to figure out how to do it in the context of the following row:

[P1, LS, P1, K2tog, P1, SSK, P1, LS, P3, LS, P2]

Does anyone have any thoughts?


Your pattern should define LS either at the beginning or at the end of the pattern. It may well be left slip which is defined as: LS - Left Slip. Drop (knitted) sl-st off needle to front of work, pl, pick up dropped St and knit it. Or it could be something particular to your pattern.

What is the name of your pattern?


Thanks so much! It’s called “Sweet Honeybee,” and is a reversible baby hat by A. DaSilva. I cannot recall where this pattern came from exactly.

I think you’re right that it’s a “Left Slip” stitch, though I don’t see it defined in the little Abbreviation glossary in the pattern. But I think largely I’m unsure how to do it within the context of the pattern row I shared.

If it’s a “left slip,” that’s a stitch that will work over two stitches. Is the pattern then “P1, (Work LS over 2 stitches), P1,” or is the second P1 just the 2nd stitch in the LS pattern? I hope that makes sense. Thank you again, you were so quick to find this! :smiley:


Yes, the LS does take 2sts just as k2tog or ssk tak 2sts. So it would be separate from the purl sts on either side of it. In that case, the repeat takes 19sts and leaves you with 17sts/repeat.
What is the stitch count on your needle now? Does the pattern give a stitch count in nearby rows?

Drop (knitted) sl-st off needle to front of work, pl, pick up dropped St and knit it.


Thank you!! My stitch count is 64, and the pattern says I should be decreased to 56 after the row that I provided in previous messages.

So this is like a little two-stitch skinny cable type thing?


For some reason I had trouble finding this first time around. Maybe I just needed a few more cups of coffee.
It looks like the LS is the elongated stitch which is defined as K1L earlier. I don’t know why the switch in names but a message to the designer to confirm and to point this out would be helpful for you and for the designer.
(Using one stitch for the LS or K1L makes the math for the row work 4x 16sts = 64, There are 8 decreases which will leave you with 56sts.)