What is /knitting needle caddy

Hi,I am searching for a pattern for a sewn fabric knitting needle holder. It is a big flat fabric circle with layers of circles sewn on top, the stitching forms seams (picture spokes on a wheel) and circular needles and perhaps regular needles are stored in the pockets formed between the spokes.

I am not sure I have described this well. I think I have seen silverware caddies that are similar. I don’t knit and so I am not sure if there are special measurements for the various pockets. Does anyone know if this is a published pattern? I would like to make one for my avid knitting friend. Any suggestions.

I haven’t seen one in the shape of a circle or wheel which you describe very well. Here are some of the more common patterns for straight needle organizers. There are also patterns for circular needle holders (either hanging free or within pouches, notebook style) if you Google circular knitting needle cases.

TipNut.com has a sewing pattern for a knitting needle cacddy along with a few other choices. Just look under the Knitting Category.

That’s a great link! Thanks so much. I think I like this one to try first. http://googiemomma.blogspot.ca/2012/03/hook-needle-organizer-tutorial.html