What is KnitSpy?

Hi guys. Odd question here. What is KnitSpy? It’s linked on Sheldon’s signature. TIA!

KnitSpy is sort of a window into what’s happening on the forum. It lets you see posts as they are being made. If you leave it up for long enough it will update anytime a new post is made by a member of KH. It’s a good way to keep up with what’s being talked about on KH without having to jump into all the forums. People have told me they like it since they can sit and knit or work and glance at KnitSpy occasionally to see if any new discussions interest them. Increases productivity!

I just added a subtle ping noise that sounds anytime a new post is made. So now, you don’t even have to watch the screen for updates.

FYI: KnitSpy is linked into my signature. You can also find it under the QuickLinks dropdown menu near the top of the screen.

Very cool. I never noticed it before. I like it.

I’d never noticed it either, you learn something new every day! I like it, very cool!

Thank you!