What is K2, P2 ribbing?

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]What is K2, P2 ribbing ( slipping 1st stitch of evry row knit wise.)[/FONT]

I am a beginner and im trying to follow a pattern for a button hole scarf and Im not sure what it means??
And also Im having trouble casting off… Is there an easy way to learn how to do that?

I’m pretty new here, but I think I can answer this one…

You knit 2 stitches, then purl 2 stitches, then keep repeating this pattern across the row.
For the next row you will knit where you purled, and purl where you knitted.
In the end the piece will look like it has vertical lines…think of the cuffs on sweaters.

As for casting on…take a look at the video for the long-tail cast-on on the website here. I’ve tried a couple of different cast-ons before finding this site, and this one was definitely ALOT quicker to pick up and get the hang of.

Good luck! :hug:

For the next row you will knit where you purled, and purl where you knitted.

On the stitches from the previous row, but it’s harder to keep track of it that way. Knit the knit sts and purl the purl stitches [B]on the row you’re working on[/B] as they look now. The back of a knit is a purl and the back of a purl is a knit. There’s a video for ribbing under Basic Stitches on the Tips page that should help.

[B]I feel really dumb, because I should know this, but I don’t. Why doesn’t my ribbing look like ribbing on a sweater or mitts. It is mittens that I am trying to start. The pattern says Row 1 (WS) P1, (k1, p1) across.
Row 2: K1, (p1, k1) across.
Rep these 2 rows 9 times, change to bigger needles.

I have tried both Pk, k1, p1, p1 and so on, the, only knitting what is in the parenthesis, but neither way works for me. Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?? I would really like to get these done before Winter is over.:?? [/B]

Casting off is easy, but even I forgot how when I got back to knitting. Check out the Casting Off Videos on KH…and WELCOME to KH and to your new addiction. :wink:

Missibob - only repeat what is in the parenthesis so your row would be P1 K1 P1 K1 P1 until end of row and then when you start row 2 it is K1 P1 K1 P1 K1 to end of the row

Repeat only what is in the parentheses. The first stitch of the row is just on the first stitch only, then repeat the next 2 sts. It’s done over an odd number of stitches, so make sure of that, but the stitch pattern is a 2 st repeat, plus the 1 first stitch.

Olson, what everyone else has said is correct with regard to knitting two then purling two, and reversing it on the other side (so that you get stripes two ‘bumps’ wide with gaps where there are no bumps for two stitches)

But there is also the bit in the pattern you quoted that says “( slipping 1st stitch of evry row knit wise.)” and you shouldn’t forget that, either. What this means is that every time you are at the beginning of a row, put your needle into the stitch as if you are going to knit it, pull it off the needle onto the other needle without actually knitting it, and then carry on with your k2 p2 rib for the rest of the row.

It took me forever to learn how to cast off - because I kept casting on and frogging back, and doing projects which didn’t require casting off (mittens). But once it stuck, it’s pretty easy.

Knit 2 stitches, so you have 2 on your right needle. Pick up the right hand stitch with your needle and pull it over the other stitch and over the tip of the needle (don’t drop the other stitch). You now have 1 stitch on your needle. Knit another stitch so you have 2 on your right needle and repeat.

People upthread answered the ribbing questions already.