What is joining and knitting in the round?

I posted an earlier question regarding the stockinette stitch and circular needles. Someone was kind enough to respond. She told me that the pattern I am using wants me to use circular needles like straight needles rahter than “joining and knitting in the round.” I do recall the pattern saying “do not join.”

What is joining and knitting in the round?

I assumed “knitting in the round” literally meant using circular needles!

well you can do it with DPNs too if it isn’t too big of a pattern but yes. If you go here and look at the first few videos you will see Amy showing how to knit in the round. You are creating a tube of some sort…anything that needs to be round…hats, socks…etc.

If you don’t join you will be knitting flat just like you would with straight needles.


See video on same:


Lotsa GREAT info at this site.


I think by DTM’s you mean, double pointed needles? I’ve never used them. I just started knitting (simple scarves & shawls) last April. I took a class from Sept - Nov. I learned how to make a hat (with straight needles) using cable stitches (so, I learned how to use a cable needle, too). I thought the afghan would be easy after that! I can’t even read the pattern! I’m so discouraged…I am taking another class beginning Feb 6. I planned to learn how to knit a sweater. Looks like I will be asking the instructor to help me do the afghan instead.

Please don’t be too discouraged…there’s LOTS of help and supportive folks here.

Hang in there!!! You’ll get it.



i agree…if you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask. there are lots of people around here so there is someone who has an answer for just about anything you can come up with. If you are confused by a pattern just give us a link to the pattern or the instructions given that you are confused about (it helps to show us what came before and after so we know what direction it is taking you) and someone will be able to explain it, I am sure! :thumbsup:

Thanks everyone. I’m at work and I don’t have the afghan pattern with me. I will bring it tomorrow and try to provide more info. I really appreciate everyone’s help and encouragement.


I just wanted to encourage you as well. I’ve only been knitting since June, and I haven’t done too many things yet, although I am very proud of what I have made (scarf, bathroom rug, moss grid hand towels, cell phone cozies, and currently working on a sweater bag). I’m terrified of doing a sweater, and I’m a bit nervous about socks (although I’m thinking of starting some for my next project…scared of dpns, though).

BUT, the important thing is that I am learning something new every time I work on a new project.

Hang in there. You’ll probably have an “AHA” moment when pattern reading will come suddenly become easier.

Happy knitting!