What is it with me

OK firstly sorry mason and mike and any other guys that read this lol.

My dad a week ago was doubled over literally with sever stomach pains, refused to see the doc. I stayed up with him all night to descover he had it the week before as bad. We agreed taht if he was rough the next day he’d see the docter.

About 30 mins ago he came to me saying he needed me to help him do somehting as he was doubled up yet again!!

Why oh why dont men ever go to th edocter until they are like this, so they pull them aside at school and say when it comes to pain you are supposed to be a compete idiot lol.

he is going to see the docter he has no say in it now, he has mum and me on his back - poor guy if he felt rough before he will definatly unless he sees the docter now :teehee: .

arrrr bl**dy men lol

It’s a guy thing, you wouldn’t understand :rofl:

My XH refused to go to the doctor too… he was a “man” and could “tough it out.” :roll: Wanna know how tough he was? “Honeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, my heaaaad hurrrrrrts, pleeeeeeease can I have some tylenollllllllllllllllllll” :waah:


If something isn’t falling off it must not be that serious.
And if it has fallen off it must’ve not been that important in the first place.

Actually for me it’s because other than poking the pains and then hitting the wallet doctors have been totally ineffective for me.
I have to get good and mad before I get good treatment if even then so it’s generally a waste of money unless something needs sewed back on.

And if it’s about pain I know better than to even bother. Even when it’s doctor caused pain (pulling teeth, surgery and the like) I still get arguments about pain pills.
I do better begging Hildegard_von_Knittin for some Tylenol. :slight_smile:

What if he has a kidney stone? Ouch!!!

I’ve always used the bleeding rules.

If you’re not bleeding it isn’t serious.

If you can stop the bleeding it isn’t serious.

If you can get along just fine without it, and can stop the bleeding, it isn’t serious.

My husband was like that, only went when he absolutely HAD to go. Then he developed type 2 diabetes and now he goes in when he feels something just ain’t right. A while back, and this may sound weird, his face was tingly, he went in and it turns out it had something to do with his meds and they adjusted them and he got better. He pays much more attention to his health, (well except for the exercise part), he knows that if he does not feel well, he needs to see a doctor and has no problem with it.

:roflhard: This sounds like my BF! I love him to death, but man do I dread it when he gets sick. He won’t go to the doctor for anything but he has no problem keeping me up all night when he has a tummy ache :roflhard:

My ex was a total idiot when he was ill. ohoestly he had a sickness bug for 24 hours and he took 2 weeks of work!! a woman would have taken 1 day and back to work.

Im a bit dont go to the docs unless i absolutly have to, i bandage real well rather than get stitches if i can get away with it (i have horses what can i say, if i didnt id be at hospital every other week lol).

But excrusiating pains in my stomach and id be there like a shot. You cant mess with stuff like that, blood i get and can handle fine.

mey hey cant live with them cant live wiothout them :roflhard:

Mason, you need to add another rule:
All bleeding stops…eventually:flirt: (The #1 EMT rule)

I’ve just choked on a gummy bear reading this! Thanks Mason!



O.my.goddess. My ex is such a baby when he is sick. So is my son. There used to be this TV show with Helen Hunt and she was married to…to…this guy with dark hair, anyway, she got pregnant or they were talking about periods or something and he says “oh honey if I could have the baby for you I would” and she says “If you ever got a period you would have one cramp and kill yourself.” I laughed so hard.

Oh I know that show! I only saw a few episodes but I loved it. ‘Mad About You’ wasn’t it? If so the bloke was ‘Paul Reiser’ who I loved in ‘My Two Dad’s’, (another great show!).

Yep! It was Mad About You! I loved that show :slight_smile: