What is going on with the pictures?/avatars?

I wasn’t online yesterday, but I was wondering about all the Don Knotts avatars that I’ve seen today! :roflhard:

I feel so shunned… my hockey jersey stayed all day yesterday… :crying: :crying:

Nobody ‘did’ it to anyone–if people expressed an interest we pm’d the link. You weren’t neglected. :heart:

Ah… I figgered it was a mod’s joke on us little people! :wink:

Yeah…I figured you were laughing at my little joke. I just wanted to have some fun teasing you about it. Hopefully, you noticed my little wink :wink: at the bottom of the posting.

It won’t make much sense when you change back but that is funny!!! :roflhard: :roflhard:[/quote]

Fine…go on and laugh while you can, Ingrid! :wink:

Things are gonna be so confusing for the latecomers that read the posts.

NOBODY can explain it to them though…You ALL must PROMISE…it’s our little secret… :devil:

For posterity!!! Mad Barney is just to good to lose!

You mean something happened to the avatars? Gee…I don’t notice anything! :oo: :hiding:

Wow! Thanks Ingrid. I’m glad you all enjoyed the fun. I sure did!

Whew OMG glad to see Kelly back in that avatar… it’s Tuesday and I took a whopping big break, Sun AND Mon away from the computer… and now I’m laughing again…

who’s Don Knotts, now that there must be a youngster.

                        :D  :XX: