What is front and what is back

What is the front of the work…the side facing me?

Here is the pattern creating the left front of a jacket with faux placket:

(On WS row) WYIF sl 1st stitch, P5, WYIF sl next st, P to end of row.

after about 6 rows I have noticed that by slipping the 2nd stitch, I am creating a continuous ridge on the RS of the piece…does this sound correct?

Sounds right to me.
Usually with stockinette fabric the v’s are the right side and the bumps are the wrong or purl side

When you slip with yarn in front, the front is the side facing you. You’re doing this on the WS row, so you should bring the yarn to the WS, which is the front as you work on it. It will make a kind of chain stitch up the RS, I guess that’s what you mean by ridge?

You’re working a “slip stitch pattern.”

The “front” is always the side you’re working on regardless of WS/RS.
If you’re on the WS you want the yarn on the WS/front so you don’t get a horizontal strand travelling on the RS of your work… typically you want the strand on the WS of your work (depending on the pattern of course)

Hi Sue,
Yes, the chain is what I meant by the ‘ridge’. Thanks!