What is frogging?

I am new to knitting, thanks to KnittingHelp.com I have branched out to several new stitches. I COULD NOT get the moss stitch until I watched the video… the whole bring the yarn forward to p and back to k thing. This morning I read the T-shirt thread . I have no idea what frogging is … it isn’t in the “abbreviations explained” … and there is no video :lol:


Oh, Debbie…I hope you NEVER :fingerwag: have to learn the FROGGING “stitch”. It’s the ugliest stitch there is! :mad: And, sadder than sad! :crying: Because Frogging is not a stitch at all, but the complete opposite! Frogging is the “lingo” for RIPPING (rip it = rippit = ribbit = FROGGING) out what you’ve done because of a mistake! Here’s the video you were missing: :frog:


Everything KellyK just said…plus…(just for “fun”, try this)…

Make a big test swatch (the longer the row, the better) out of some yarn you’ve got…if you have some worsted acrylic handy, it’ll do the job. Then, before you’ve bound it off, pretend you made a mistake somewhere, back in the first few rows of your work. Grab the working yarn in one hand and slide your work off the needle with the other. Next, pull out those stitches real, real quickly, as FAST as you can. If you do it fast enough, you might hear the ripping sound, which faintly sounds like a male bullfrog on a hot summer night! LOL No joke…it’s true!

But this is just for fun…it’s not so much fun when you’ve got a lot of time invested in a project and need to rip (frog) out the stitches in order to rework things. Hence the :frog: emoticon!

Remember that little topic of mine a few weeks back… making the sweater in Stitchn’B… out of mohair, etc etc. Gues what I did yesterday MORNING! :frog:

I stood in front of the mirror holding it up to me, it was about up to my armpits, and it was HIDEOUS. I hated the color on me! So I sat down to FROG it and as I was frogging it, I remember, ha ha, MOHAIR DOESN’T LIKE TO BE FROGGED! (remember that little tip)

So after painstakingly ripping several rows and unpicking knots, I took a second look at it, folded it in half, and thought, a little mohair bag, why not! Put it back on the needles, bound off, and sewed up the seam. Crocheted all around the edges. It’s kind of cute. Got to make the strap now. I’m thinking of felting it but first I have to find out if you can felt MOHAIR. Anybody know that?

Well, I figured it was something “bad” but just couldn’s figure out what! I LOVE (hate??) the frogging “video”! Thank you all for your wonderful descriptions … I will try making the frog sound … just for fun!

Recently made the Lucy Liu cardigan from the Borocco site. Tried it on and looked like a Polish sausage. Ripped the entire thing apart. It nows lives hapilly on as a summer tote and an unstructured jacket!

Once you do the deed, it feels good. Frogging is just a part of knitting.

Mohair “should” felt. I believe I’ve read that any 100% animal fur will felt. As always, lets see pics please and thanks.

Mohair felts but it looks pill-y and chunky if it does not felt evenly. :??