What is felting?

It seems to be combined a lot with knitting but google won’t give me a good answer. Would one of you knowledgeable people be able to explain it to me?

My understanding is that technically it should be called fulling, but anyway it is knitting or crocheting something much larger than you want for the finished project and then agitating in water until it shrinks to the desired size. Wool is the best known yarn and I don’t know if there is another fiber out there that shrinks under similar handling. Most of the felted or fulled items I’ve seen patterns for are purses, hats, and slippers. I’m sure there are a lot of other items out there as well.

Thank you, that is so diffrent then what I was picturing in my head! I was picturing something like sewing felt onto knit projects!

It’s making felt!

Here’s a link to a felted purse pattern as an example.

There is also a technique called needle felting using wool fiber as well as felting layers of wool into a type of fabric. Our local library has some books on that. I checked one out but I don’t think it’s anything I’ll do. It’s a little funky for me. I prefer the knit and shrink type of felting.