What is everyone favorite knitting Magazine?

Mine are:
Simply Knitting(this one gives you a free item every month that attached to the magazine) I just pick this mag. up at the bookstore. Its from the UK.)
Vogue Knitting(very advanced magazine)


I’ll pick up the Family Circle Knitting magazine from time to time - but I haven’t seen it in awhile so I’m not sure if it is even still published.

Lately, I just look for patterns that I like and pick up the pattern.

One of my favorite catalogs is Patternworks. I use their sister magazine - Keepsake Quilting. I’m also a quilter.

I like Knit Simple the Best. But I agree that Vogue Knitting is great. I did make a scarf from one of those once, but most things are beyond my skill level. Although they are fun to look at. I’ve also bought Creative Knitting (pretty good), Knit It! (great, similar to Knit Simple), Verena (European, more advanced), and Interweave Knits (I like this one alot). So I guess I don’t have a favorite, but here are some ideas! Have fun in your search!

I like Simply Knitting and Creative Knitting. I like CK because it uses “normal” yarn you can find easily at Joann’s or Michaels and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I find I do one in cheap yarn and if I like the way it turns out, I will usually buy more expensive yarn to make one for myself.

Interweave Knits!! I used to get Creative Knitting, but I never cared too much for most of the patterns.

Jan - Do you like Interweave knits? :slight_smile:

I used to get Vogue Knitting, but most of the patterns today are too young for me. I like Knitty.

I buy Interweave Knits and just bought Simply Knitting and I really like them both.

:shifty: Maybe a little… :teehee: I haven’t made any of the sweaters yet, but I will!

interweave:yay: :blooby:

I am going to be getting Creative Knitting, its sister magazine is Crochet World, which I do get.

I like creative knitting. Some projects are hard though but over all it is good. This website has some great patterns.

I don’t buy magazines, but the two that I always love to browse through at my lys are Filati by Lana Grossa and Rowan (which seems to be having technical difficulty with its site right now). They have some outrageous stuff, but there is also the gorgeous stuff too.

Interweave and knitters are my favs!

I buy Lets Knit and Simply Knitting. I just bought the new Debbie Bliss Mag which I really like.

I really love getting my mitts on American knitting magazines. My favourites of those are Knit Simple and Interweave knits. I suppose my favourite UK one is Simply Knitting.

Simply Knitting is a good one too but here in the US it’s about $10 copy or $120 for a year. that’s a lot to spend on one magazine.

Knit Simple
I really like Crafts 'N Things Magazine… they usually have one free knit and/or crochet pattern that really fits in nicely with the season and the other craft items they are showcasing.

some I have never heard of, will have to check them out.


I like the Knitting Guild magazine, Cast On, and Creative knitting. I used to but the UK magazines but it is very expensive. My friends in the England are always complaining that there are not very many patterns,lol.