What IS entrelac?

Well? :shrug:

Do you mean entrelac? That’s probably why you haven’t been able to find info about on Google etc. It’s spelled ‘entrelac’.


Entrelac is a way to knit stockinette stitch so it looks like strips of yarn were woven over and under each other.
Puppyluv knit the Lady Eleanor Wrap from Scarf Style–you can see the WIP HERE (second pic down)

The new issue of Interweave Knits has a great explanation of it, PLUS a pattern for entrelac socks.

The next KH monthly challenge (for March) is going to be entrelac. I don’t think many of us have experience with it, so I thought it would be a good technique to learn and practice

Oh way cool, Hildie; I just might join that one. I’ve done a scarf, but found a pattern for a hat. Now what yarn can I use…

And Danica from knitty is also entrelac.


I started an entrelac pillow. It’s on hold at the moment while I finish my boyfriend’s shirt (testing the boundries of our relationship and the boyfriend sweater curse :shock: :teehee: ).

Anyway, here’s a pic of what I’ve got so far. It’s really fun, and I can’t wait to get back to it.

If you search the forum for “entrelac pillow” you’ll find a GORGEOUS pillow one of the forum members made.

It really does look like they were weaved together.

I made Danica from knitty… you can see it here I really like it… and when I wear it out someone always stops me and wants to know where they can get it :teehee:

Oohhhh ok! Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

I did an entrelac pillow back in October. You can see a pic of it here I love knitting entrelac . It’s quick, fun and beautiful. Only downside is that it eats up a lot of yarn. My Pillow took 2 fill skeins of SWS, and it’s barely big enough to be a small couch pillow.

the spring 07 issue of interweave knits has a good article about entrelac and a pattern for really cute socks also

Well, those of you who have experience with it, I expect you to help out on the KAL! I’ve never done it, so my when people ask questions I’ll be all like :?? and :shrug: and :shock: and :thinking:

I think I’ll recommend Danica as the KAL project. I usually don’t recommend specific projects, but in this case, it’s something free and easy that we all have access to… and it’s good for stashbusting.

Danica has good instructions on how to do it, too.

But this page is what REALLY helped me out when I was confused.

Oh, wow, that’s exactly what I needed to see!! The first triangles confused me so much that I was certain I was knitting them incorrectly. Thanks Friskums! :heart:

It does kinda sound like baby formula though. :shrug:

Is the technique for entrelac similar to cabling? :?? I don’t understand how you do it.

It’s less like cabeling and more like turning the heel of a sock. You’re basically knitting short rows, and picking up stitches.

Friskums, that’s a GREAT page!!!

Its very simple to do… although I had to throw out thinking all together :rofl: … I tend to over think things… want to know why it’s done that way… with Enterlac I found out you just do exactly what the pattern tells you to do and you will be fine… :teehee:

I want to get the new IK for the Enterlac socks :cheering:

Maybe that’s my problem. I keeping thinking and I need to just follow my pattern. (I’m working on entrelac purse on circular needles.)

I will have to check out the March Interlac project although I’m not sure if I’ll have time to participate. I’ve always wanted to do Danica and I tried back in the fall and had problems w/ it–I could do the first three or so triangles w/ no problem but then there was one part that I kept having problems with. It was really frustrating me so I just put it down. I’ll have to at least keep an eye on what you guys do so I can learn something. I’ve always loved the look of Interlac and I ADORE those interlac socks in IK…

i just tried entrelac last night with some scrap yarn…it was so much fun! i don’t have any experience with picking up stitches or doing short rows so it was good to do just to practice those techniques. i agree about the overthinking thing…just do what the pattern says and you will be good.

Maybe that’s my problem. I keeping thinking and I need to just follow my pattern. (I’m working on entrelac purse on circular needles.)[/quote]

That might be it… When I first started Danica I would get so frustrated :-x that I even put it up… then I finally decided to just go with the pattern… and still put it up cause I didn’t like all the ends LOL… so found some SWS and decided to give it another try and it went well… I didn’t ask any questions just did exactly what it told me to do :rofl:

:happydance: I got the new IK tonight… I can’t wait to do the socks