What is 'end with a WS row'?

I am making a sweater. (As you can guess I am a novice.) The pattern says to ‘end with a WS row’. I am working in stockingette. Does this mean that I purl my row and then cast off? Or cast off after finishing my knit row?

Thank you!

You would purl the row, but don’t cast off, see what the next instructions are. They’re probably to cast off only a few sts for shaping the armhole on the RS row.

My instructions say “work in st until piece measures 14.5” from cast on edge. ending with a ws row. bind off all stitches loosely. "
The sweater is a very simple drop sleeve pattern. Both the front and back have these ‘end with wrong side row’ instructions.

I just don’t want to get it wrong.

The crux of my question is: when I cast off, do I cast off in knit or in purl?

I’ve got to my required length. Do I purl the last row and then cast off in purl, or do I cast off in knit (the row previous being purl)?

Oh, okay, you’re done then. If you ask if you go ahead and do something next, it’s a good idea to put those directions in your post too - we’re pattern readers, not mind readers. :wink:

Whenever a pattern says ‘end with a ws or rs row’ it means you finish working that row, then go on to the next instruction.

A BO/cast off row is just like another row except you’re taking stitches off the needles. If you were to do another row, you would knit it, so do a knit cast off for this one. If the row would normally be purled, then do a purl cast off.