What is blocking?

so im pretty new at knitting and have made plenty of scarves how exactly do you block it and why is it important???:shrug:

Very often, a knitted object will relax after you wet and block it. It helps to even out the tension and any wonky stitches.

Not everything MUST be blocked, though. Acrylic yarns and yarns that are mostly acrylic won’t block, so you can just wash and dry them.

Lace has to be blocked, or it will always look like spaghetti; sweaters are blocked to get them to the exact size you want; stranded knitting should be blocked to even out the stitches.

Scarves? If you like the way it looks, you don’t need to block. If you think it will be more even looking, and it’s a natural fiber, then you can wet it and lay it out or pin it out straight and let it dry.

Here is a good article on blocking

excellent article!