What is a

What is a turning ridge? I’m doing a pattern for slippers and came across the name, what is it and what does it do?

It’s a purl ridge done on a RS row (or a knit row on the WS) where you turn up a hem.

Can you give us the pattern name and link please?

If you’re doing stockinette a turning row can also kind of make a corner like around the base of a foot. Is that where it is or is it a hem?

It’s a garter stitch pattern in a book

That’s odd, a turning ridge is usually done on a stockinette piece. Is this knit in the round or flat? When you knit every row flat that’s garter, when you knit every round working in the round, it’s stockinette stitch.

Can you post a few lines of the pattern, just before and just after this instruction?

lol it’s knit flat, it’s a knit 17, p1 (turning ridge) knit 14 p1 (turning ridge) knit across

Okay, I think I know how this is put together. The purl stitches on this side will form 2 columns of knit stitches on the other side. These will be the sides of the slipper when you fold it closed, the 14 sts in the middle are the sole. The ‘turning ridge’ is just for information to let you know where they are later in the pattern when it refers to them. You don’t have to do anything different, just follow the pattern as written.

I know that :slight_smile: I figured that out with what jan said

I know I am getting ahead of myself, because I’m not there yet but what do I do when I get to the last row and it says k2 tog; do not bind off 10 stitches, what do I do then?

What does it say to do next? You either put them on a holder, leave then on a needle or something, the pattern will tell you.

It’s good to read ahead, but sometimes a confusing part makes more sense as you’re doing it.

It just says do not bind off and it’s the last row

There’s something after that… Finishing maybe? It could be you pull the tail through the remaining stitches like a drawstring to close up the toes. Does the picture look like that?

I think this may be a link to the project on Ravelry. It does indeed look like the turning ridge is at the join of sole and sides. The finishing also looks like the sts are gathered together and pulled tight close the toe and finish the slipper.

Thats it! thanks!