What is a "turn"

Hi everyone…Worlds biggest lurker here!!!
I am trying to knit some baby booties and the pattern says K9 turn and K12, now, I know this means to physically turn the work, but is this like “wrapping a short row” which I see on Amys videos??
I suspect it is, since by NOT doing it I got a big ol’hole!!
Any ideas appreciated!!

All patterns I’ve seen that require wrapping short row will say wrap & turn.
Patterns I’ve had that just said turn meant just that. Turn, and knit back the way you came, like at the end of a row.

I’m guessing you’re doing a heel or other curved part.

Double check the notes at the front of the pattern book. But if it just says
turn I would just turn.

Thats is what I did, just turn and it left a big hole!!!
do you know why this could happen???

With turning sock heels, I’ve noticed that an aparently large hole will open with the first few turns, but by the time the heel’s done, they get pulled into the shape and disapear. I would reccomend adding a lifeline and just forging ahead, trusting the pattern; then, if it doesn’t work, you can pull out to the line and sort something else out.

If it makes a hole then try wrapping and turning. We wrap to avoid just that, the holes.

Chris, do you mean that it leaves a big hole after you’ve come back to it and done whatever the instructions say then, or are you just concerned about a hole after the first turning? Some short row patterns (as in heels) don’t call for wrapping but instead avoid a hole by knitting two stitches together (one on either side of the gap) or by knitting through the yarn between the stitches in the gap along with the next stitch. What do your instructions say exactly?

ok… Thanks for the help…I finally have a minute to type the pattern…its from a book called "simple knits for cherished babies"
it reads:
Cast on 29 stitches and work 10 rows in stocking stitch, next row knit 19, turn
Next row: purl 9 stitches, turn on 9 stitches work 14 rows in stocking stitch, break yarn…
ok now me…when I did the 1st turn and then tried to purl, it left a hole, is there a certain way to get the yarn forward, or should I be doing a wrap?
Thanks everyone!
PS I only have until July :wink: