What is a selvedge st

I am trying to make the turtleneck shrug. out of the scarf style it is on the cover of the book. well I am trying to understand the pattern and well I am alittle lost so this is where I am at…

Row 1 (ws) sl1 (selvedge), k2, work in established rib to end.
row 2 sl 1 ( selvedge), p2,k2,ssk, work in established rib to last 7 sts, k2tog,k2,p3-2 st dec’d

so I am lost on the selvedge can some one explain it to me??

Thank you,
Jenifer in Cali

A selvedge stitch is just an extra stitch at each end of the row that’s not technically part of the pattern. Some patterns include them as the stitch you will seam later. You just seem to be slipping the first stitch of each row. It’ll make the edge a little neater, that’s all.

so how will I do a selvedge st? in my case? I am lost on how to do one?

All you’re doing in this case is slipping the first stitch in each row. Just take it from your left needle to your right without wrapping the yarn. Insert your needle as if you were going to purl the stitch and transfer it from the left to right needle. Then start knitting the next stitch as the pattern calls for.

so what I am doing is just sl the st and nothing else?

thank you


Just slip it. So basically it gets knit at the end of the next row, so the first stitch at each end gets knit every other row.

Thank you very much

I understand it now

so it takes me a while