What is a life line?

Hi there,

What is a life line (besides this forum!)? How do you make one, and what is it used for?


A life line is waste yarn or thread, etc. (I’ve used dental floss), that you work through your knitting at a point you know is correct so that if you have to frog (rip out) you can pick up there. You take out old ones and put in new as you go along. It is used in more difficult patterns such as lacey ones that you would have a hard time picking up stitches correctly.

I did a lace scarf and I had to frog it so many times because I messed up along the way. So from now on I’ll use the dental floss for my lifeline. I can see where that will be a real blessing as long as I mark which row on my chart the lifeline is on. Thanks for explaining this. :happydance: