What is a good yarn for an afgan?

I would like to make a cabled afgan it is from The Knitting Bible and I need to decide what kind of yarn to use I have kids and a dog so it has to be machine washable but I would also like some thing soft and fairly inexpensive any ideas?

I vote for Plymouth Encore!

I like Caron’s Simply Soft. It has a nice feel and it’s inexpensive. I also like Lion Brand Woolease.


Another vote for Plymouth Encore!

Its machine washable… it washes up SOOOO soft! It cables VERY well… Its a wool blend, so it’ll be nice and WARM, and its not very expensive. About $5 for 200 yds.

Third vote for Encore, second for Woolease!

I love Encore, myself. :slight_smile:

I also say Encore and 2nd Woolease :thumbsup:

Another vote for Encore. I made a big afghan out of WoolEase. Five years later, it’s feeling pretty rough and lookin’ mighty pilly…

Encore it is I think anyway.