What is a good cotton?

I really want to get started on this. I can’t find the sugestion yarn in the US. What is a good sub?


That kinds looks like a chenille to me…

The Cantata Cotton Crepe yarn can be ordered online here:

It’s a DK weight cotton.

It’s $4.95 Canadian per 50g ball… this works out to about $4.10 US. The company will happily ship to the US, and they don’t mark up their shipping costs at all.

You might have already found this and ruled it out, but I hope this helps.

Thanks, I did see that. I didn’t like the colors though. So basically if I find a DK weight cotton it should work? And what is DK? :oops: I am still new at this.

I’m new at this too, so someone please correct me if I’m incorrect.

DK is a weight of yarn like fingering, worsted, or chunky. DK stands for “double knitting”. It’s one of the lighter weights, so you’ll need smaller needles and stitches-- it’s going to be slow knitting for a beginner. :slight_smile:

Most yarn stores online let you search by weight and fiber.

Your yarn is described as a MERCERIZED DK cotton here:
Mercerized means it’s been treated with chemicals to shrink the fiber and increase its luster and affinty for dye.

So, for the best match, try to find another DK mercerized cotton. For example, here’s (a very expensive) one I found after a quick search.

And here’s another:

Again, I’m a new knitter, so you should get someone else to agree with me before you start taking my advice.


Ok so if I understand this now as long as I get aDK weight cotton I should be ok. Mercerized would be better for looks, but not necessary.

And I would need 150grams?? Or should I be more concerned with the yardage? :doh:

my head hurts. trying to find the right yarn is more difficult than learning to knit :help:

Ahh… I thought you were trying to match the appearance of the cotton yarn. I think we’re making this too complicated.

If you want to use that pattern, I think you can choose any yarn in any weight of any fiber. As long as your gauge matches that of the pattern (16 sts/20 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch), you’re good to go. (Of course, that gauge will be difficult/impossible with some bulky yarns.)

I’ll shut up now. For a newbie, I sure am doing a lot of talking. :oops:

I just wanted to say that I’ve used this yarn, Classic Elite Provence, and it is sooooo nice. It is beautiful and, I thought, easy to knit. And, it is expensive, but the skeins are a huge 205 yards. I’m very new at all this, too, but I think that is a lot compared to some.

Good luck finding what you need. :XX: