What is a "Gay" sweater?

John McCain has temper tantrum over having to wear a “gay sweater”:roflhard:

McCain dislikes wearing ‘gay sweaters.’Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) reportedly is complaining about his aides forcing him to wear “gay sweaters” in order to look younger::??

According to one insider, the knit-picking was the crescendo of a tirade by the Arizona senator, in which he blistered aides about the minutiae of the campaign. … McCain reportedly declared his frustration with being told to don the perceived homosexual outerwear in order to look younger and more approachable.
http://thinkprogress.org/2007/07/11/mccain-dislikes-wea… /

just makes me want to sing - “Don me now this gay apparal”:lol:

And how did McCain determine that his sweater was gay?:roflhard:

Was it in rainbow colors…?

Strangely, it was just a plain blue ‘v’ necked pullover. I think it was the “wear sweaters, they make you look younger” that he didn’t like.

Thank God he just keeps making himself more and more irrelevant or I would have to throw a temper tantrum myself about this. I am sick to death of people using “That’s Gay” as a way to express their distaste for something.

Maybe he felt an uncomfortable attraction to the sweater? :shrug:


[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkorchid]Maybe he’s afraid of being mistaken for Jim Kolbe, another AZ congressman who IS gay… :shrug: Mc Cain’s a jerk. (I’m allowed to say that as he is from AZ and I didn’t vote for him!)[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

I agree that people should stop using “that’s gay” for things they don’t like. cruel, insensitive, ignorant jerks… (sigh)

I find using “gay” as something yucky as discriminatory. You would NEVER hear anyone use the N word to describe something as not very smart. Our culture has a long way to go in recognizing its discriminatory patterns. sigh.:rollseyes:

I remember when the word gay used to mean happy. Remember the Flinstones song? “We’ll have a gay old time!” :slight_smile:

I used it that way when I was a kid, but then I realized what it was really saying and stopped using it.

I hate when gay is used that way. It is insulting, insensitive, and ignorant. I am a Democrat and would never vote for McCain anyway!

Perhaps the sweater didn’t portray the somber GOPtude he felt important to get across to the voting public? Perhaps he was using “gay” as in happy?


Hmmm, maybe we at KH could get together a knit a long and knit an Oddball Rainbow type sweater for him…instead of the “boyfriend” sweater it could be the “presidential trail” sweater.

Just a few ideas:

Letah, I like the way you think!!! You too, Mason!! :rofling:

If memory serves, this is the same guy that felt he had “gaydar”.:rollseyes:


I wonder how many rainbow-colored knit goods he’s already received in response to his outburst… :thinking:

I LOVE that idea… SHOWER him with “gay” sweaters!

:teehee: :twisted:

Whatever his reasoning, McCain = Barf



Why, oh why do you do that to me? It’s a slow day at work, so I have spent the morning thinking about knitting and checking out the forums here at my desk.

Which is fine, as long as I am here to handle any last minute emergencies.

What is not fine is me laughing out loud, and then promptly falling out of my chair!:oops:

As for McCain…as a republican, I can honestly say that the man is challenged when it comes to sensitivity and intelligence.


A gay sweater is a sweater that is attracted to other sweaters. If the sweater is attracted to camisoles, then the sweater is also a pedophile.

Hetero sweaters are attracted to pants and skirts.


:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: