What is a chip bag?

someone asked me but I do not know…:eyes:

in what context did they use that phrase? Might make it easier to google.

I assume it was a knitted bag…

A chip bag? Isn’t that the thing potato chips and fritos are in? :??


my thoughts… but they thought it is a knitted bag…

My first thought was Mmm chips (as in Fish n Chips the great British dish!)

My second was Hrm Chip bag? A Bag to keep ones gambling chips in?

Or something like this? http://www.treehugger.com/files/2006/07/from_chip_bags.php

the only thing i can thing of is cutting chip bags into strips and knitting them but i would think that would be very hard on the hands!

Now that would be a chip bag…
Other then that :shrug:

Thinking maybe something with a handle like this

Or possible with that type of ruffle over the body of the bag?

There’s `potato chip’ scarves where you CO, then increase in every stitch, knit/crochet a row, inc in every stitch, etc until 2-3" wide. This results in a ruffly narrow scarf. Maybe it’s a bag with a ruffle like that on an edge…

I wonder if you misheard or someone mispronounced the KIPer bag (for knitting in public) from KnitPicks?

A chip bag is smallish size purse sort of like Cider Moon’s Baglove that you(I) can put your(my) texas holdem winnings in… :woot: