What is a "Bar"? New Knitter. (Simplest Cap of All

Hello. I am a new knitter and am knitting the “Simplest Cap of All” (haha) from the website. In the directions it says:

“Cast on 56 stitches on double-point needles and join into round without twisting. Work one inch in Knit 1 Purl 1 ribbing (about 6 rounds). Work one more round of ribbing, increasing 8 stitches evenly spaced around the circle by lifting the bar between the stitches below and knitting into the back of this stitch, twisting it. You will now have a total of 64 stitches.”

My question is:
what is the “bar between the stitches below”?

what do i do when it says “join into round without twisting”?

The bar between the stitches is the horizontal piece of yarn that’s there. Check out the M1 increases in the videos–that’s what your pattern is telling you to do.

To ‘join without twisting’ means you’re going to start knitting in the round. You have to be careful to make sure the stitches are all on the same side of the needle and the work is not wrapped around or you’ll never be able to fix it. Amy has video on knitting with dpns in the Advanced section.

thanks for the reply. you really helped me. I realized that i should have said that I don’t understand how to “join”. What does that mean?

joining is simply knitting into the first stitch on your left needle using your working yarn which is on the last stitch of your right needle. This makes a circle which you continue knitting in the round’

thank you so much!

thank you so much!