What is 2st. C?

Hi, I was told my question was accidently deleted, so here is is again :slight_smile:
I’m making mini knitted mitten ornaments for Christmas, and can’t figure out this part in the pattern; I’m semi-new to knitting.
Here’s the whole row from the pattern:
"Row 9: (P2, 2st.C), 3 times, P1, Place Marker (PM), K2, PM, P1, (2stC, P2) 3 times"
So, can anyone tell me what “2st. C” means? Thanks for any help you can give!

It could be that you’re supposed to knit those in color ‘C’ if it’s a multicolored pattern, or cross or cable them if it’s not. My first guess is a different color, though, because crosses or cables usually tell you right or left.

Is there a link to the pattern?

Hi Mariblue,

Is there a picture with the pattern? Could you point us to it?

Could it be a 2-stitch cable?