What is 2 st. C...cable stitch

Hello, I’m a little confused because my 2nd original post seems to have disappeared overnight, although I do know the first one was accidentally deleted… anyway, thank you for your fast responses before,
I found a mini mitten ornament pattern that I’d like to try, and it says “2 st. C” in the directions (row nine is the first mention of it), I’ve figured out that it’s a cable, but don’t know how to go about this–if someone could tell me how they’d do this as a cable, it would be a great help to me!
The website is:
http://gailbable.tripod.com/id38.html you just scroll down past the stocking pattern.

I hope this post gets a chance to stick around before being deleted again, and thanks for helping!

Ok, now I feel silly, I found my post below…so it didn’t disappear, but I would still appreciate the help on how to do this little cable if anyone is willing to explain it…thanks :slight_smile:

Ok, now I feel really REALLY silly, because I just found out the answer to my own question! I was perusing the patterns available from the lady who’s website I found the mitten pattern, and I found mention of “2 st. C” in another pattern, for a mini hat and sweater ornament,
here’s what it says if anyone is interested: “2 stitch Cable (2stC): Knit 2 stitches together leaving them on the left needle, then knit in the right hand stitch again, slide to right needle”.
So I think I can figure it out now. It’s funny, I spent about an hour yesterday trying to figure out what “2 st. C” was, and finally decided to post my question here, and this morning I find the answer to my question in about ten minutes…go figure :slight_smile:

you know, i just had a quick look at that pattern (i almost wrote recipe… well i did write it didn’t I!!!), and i don’t think it’s a cable. I will have to have a closer look to be sure, but a quick scroll down the page indicates that there are no other “c” type stitches to continue the cabling, unless i’m blind. :shrug:

As I said, i will have a closer look at it, but it is late here, 2am (with a terrific storm raging) so maybe i will get to it tonight, but will definately have a look in the morning…

it will be figured out either way i am sure!

ok, i see it now, yes it is a cable… i really shouldn’t be reading forums so late at night

Yes, I know the feeling about not doing things so late at night! I was knitting the other night around midnight, and kept making mistake after mistake, and decided that it would be best not to knit when I’m so tired. I can’t help it though, I just taught myself to knit about a month ago, and I love it! I want to knit all the time…I think I’ve become addicted already. If I’m not knitting, I’m reading patterns or books about knitting in my spare time. I’m going to try the mini mitten pattern later tonight, and will post here how I do with it…

oh, you sound so much like me :teehee:

i have recently tried to enforce a bedtime for myself, as i found i would stay up past 2 knitting (making tiny mistake after tiny mistake - i think it would take me just as long to fix each stitch as it did to make them), then would be way too tired in the morning when my daughter expected me to jump up and be full of childlike energy…

i look forward to seeing your results!

Well, I gave up on this one. I tried it about three times, and it just kept looking a little messy to me (the mini cable, that is), so I tried a swatch with size 8 needles, and the cable looked messy there too. So I decided to do a simple fair isle mitten ornament instead. There are some cute little ornaments on that website though, so I may try it again when I have a little more time in the future.
Also, I;m making “Tulip Toes” http://www.knitty.com/issuesummer06/PATTtuliptoes.html
for my daughter. She’s three, but I’m using size eight needles–so far it’s going pretty well.