What increase would you use?

I am going to knit this sweater,


What do you all think?

but it doesn’t specify a certain type of increase. I email the designer and she say it really doesn’t matter. I know how to do the YO, but it will leave little holes. What increase should I use? It’s a raglan sweater.



I think Amy has done a great job of showing what different increases look like.

There is no wrong or right increase, nor is there a best one. Go with the one you feel comfortable doing and that looks best. I would avoid the YO one since, as you said, it’s more decorative and leaves an eyelet, but all the other increases should work well for you.

I just did a tank with increases and tried a couple just to see. I like the M1L and M1R…its on Amy’s increase page. Only my .02 :slight_smile: