What Increase to use?

Started the Bressay from Marie Wallin, it is so beautiful.
It says to increase … but I am thinking which increase is best for stockinette sleeve at beg and end of row in the round.
M1L, M1R, KFB is my best guess…
And if M1L and R, is it best to do M1L at the beginning and M1R at the end, so they both lean away from the center back of the sleeve?
Just want to do it nicely and learn, thank you!

This is so much a matter of personal preference. M1L and M1R are good increases to use. I like the lifted increases, LLL (lift left loop) and LRL (lift right loop). Here’s the wonderful Eunny Jang with 2 nice increases. The one I like is at about 3:50min in the video.

Same with the direction of the increases. Try both ways on a swatch and see which you prefer.

Gorgeous sweater. Love to see a photo when you finish.

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Thank you so much, you are a great help.
I know many increases but struggle to find the best increase to use in different project.
I will use the LLL and LRL, they look really invisible.
Thank you for your kind help and will post photo when ready.

thanks for the awesome information.