What in the world does this pattern mean?

Shape Shoulders and Neck: (RS) Bind
off 5 (5, 6, 5) stitches at beginning of next 2 rows, 4 (5, 5, 6)
stitches at beginning of next 4 rows; and at the same time,
on first row of shoulder shaping, work across to center 30 (30,
32, 34) stitches, join second ball of yarn and bind off center
stitches, work to end. Working both sides at the same time, at
each neck edge, bind off 2 stitches twice.

I get all the instructions up to the bolded and underlined parts. I do not understand the rest, about joining the second ball of yarn, etc. Can anyone help me, please?


At the same time means that you’ll be doing something different to both edges of your work. In this case, BO the stitches at the beginning of the rows and also BO the center stitches. Then while you’re stit binding off at the beginning of the row, you’ll also bind of at the neck edges when you come to them. Joining another ball of yarn (it doesn’t have to be an entire new ball of yarn) means picking up another end and begin to use it too. You can leave about a 6" tail, then BO the center stitches and complete the end of the row. Knit back with it, drop it when you come to the center, pick up the first strand and BO 2 for the neck edge. Etc.


Thanks, suzeeq – I’m still not sure I totally understand, but you’ve made it a bit clearer. I’ll give that a whirl!

Yep! It worked just like you said. Thank you! :happydance:

I’m glad you understood it – I just noticed the typo in what I wrote… :doh: