What I'm knitting

I knit all my husband’s socks… so that is an on going thing I do alonside other knitting. I also do crochet and tapestry (needlepoint)
At the moment, and this is how I found this forum, I am knitting a long line jacket in moss stitch and cable that I downloaded from the net. I had a bit of trouble with the US terminology and instructions but got help here.
I’ve just finished an aran cardigan for my mum (aged 90) and before Christmas I knitted some soft toys and also hotwater bottle covers in cable, also crocheted ones, and (blush) novelty willy warmers for a charity craft stall
I love this forum there are so many things to learn with the vodeos and the tips and ideas I have picked up are countless.

[color="#330099"]You should post pictures of your finished items/objects (FO) and even of the works in progress (WIPs)

This forum is usually a show and tell of WIPs and FOs. Then you’ll get more views and comments.

[SIZE=“1”]Though you might want to omit the novelty item.[/SIZE][/COLOR] :oops:

Wonderful to have you! We look forward to hearing more about your knitting! Sounds like you’ve been very busy! When you’re able to, we’d love to see photos of your work, too!